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Our Story

When Oscar Taylor built the first “Taylor” rig back in the 60’s, his goal was to produce a simple, easy to use, durable rig for the family’s 4-rig well service company. As the company grew, Oscar continued to build all the company’s equipment in house, growing to 12 rigs before selling the company in 1972.

In 1978, Oscar founded Taylor Rig and Equipment and began commercially producing workover rigs. From 1978 through 1985, TRE and its sister company, Big T Rigs, produced roughly 400 new rigs primarily for the Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas markets. In 1997, Oscar and his son Brett began building rigs again, under the Taylor Industries brand name. They started with a blank page, challenging many of the traditional ways rigs were constructed. The result was a lighter and more powerful unit and their modern production processes allowed the company to scale production rapidly. Through the mid-2000’s Taylor was producing a rig every 18 hours, making the brand one of the best-selling rigs in the industry. Additionally, the company diversified into other oilfield equipment including cementers, frac pumps, accumulators, as well as water well drills and pump hoists.

In 2010, Taylor Industries was acquired by Basic Energy Services. With roughly half of the Basic Energy fleet was comprised of Taylor rigs, this was a logical vertical integration strategy. With the acquisition, Taylor began refurbishing rigs and conducting Cat IV inspections for Basic as well as other external customers. The team’s knowledge of the rig’s design and manufacturing processes provided a unique perspective on how rigs could be refurbished more efficiently and at a lower cost. Taylor continued building new equipment and refurbishing equipment until the company was closed in 2019.

With more than 1,000 Taylor rigs in the market and a critical need for quality rig repair, refurbishing, and Cat IV inspections, Taylor Rig and Equipment was restarted in 2023, in Lubbock Texas. The location was selected due to the proximity to the Permian basin and a strong local labor pool of skilled mechanics and fabricators. Taylor Rig and Equipment’s leadership team, led again by Brett Taylor, is comprised of senior designers, fabricators, and technical experts, each of whom have had a direct and long-term involvement with the brand through the years. In all, the team brings more than 120 years of combined rig and equipment experience to our clients.

Our approach is also different. We believe the process of refurbishing a rig or recertifying a mast can be a transparent process which meets both time and cost projections. Utilizing the same processes incorporated in manufacturing, we build a detailed production plan and budget for each project, based on each customer’s unique goals and budgets. Each job has weekly milestones to ensure jobs remain on target throughout the process. Additionally, we keep the customer informed with weekly progress updates and cost analysis.

Our proprietary processes, unmatched capabilities, and transparent customer communication is creating the new standard for “on time, on budget, and done right!”



We are passionate about providing safe, efficient, and economical equipment for oil, gas, and water development industries. These industries and the resources they produce are essential to humankind, the American way of life, and a strong national economy.



Our purpose is to assist clients in maximizing equipment life and performance while minimizing the total investment our clients make in their equipment fleet, by providing the most trusted equipment and services available in the industry.