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For Sale: 2ea. 2013 Crown CE550 Workover Rigs

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Anticipated availability: December 2023.


Crown rigs have a reputation as a stout, well built rig and these two are no excepƟon. We have known these rigs since they were delivered new in 2013 and the previous owner was known for keeping their equipment well maintained.

These rigs were in excellent structural condition when they arrived at our center and the initial inspection found no significant structural damage or concerns. Any damage was cosmetic in nature and minimal compared to other units of similar age.

All systems (air, electric, hydraulic) were inspected and any repairs completed as needed.


  • Make: Crown
  • Model:  CE550
  • VIN
  • Production Year: 2013 (mfg. date Dec 2012)


  • # of Axles: 5
  • # of Rear Axles: 3
  • # Drive Axles: 2

Work Completed:
Steering, brakes, hubs, and suspension inspected. New hub seals, brake pads, and air-bags. S-cams and slack adjusters as needed. New suspension bushings throughout. New u-joints and carrier bearings. New aluminum wheels with Yokohama tires.

Chassis will be painted to buyer’s colors.


  • Engine: Detroit S60
  • Horse Power: 525
  • Tier Level: 3
  • Transmission: Allson 4700 OFS w/ Transfer Case

Work Completed:
New hyd. cooler lines. New rubber intake, turbo, and coolant bellows. Cooler pressure tested and repaired as needed. All fluids and filters changed. No system codes found.


  • Tubing Drum: Yes
  • Tubing Drum Brakes: 42×12 band
  • Assist Brake: WPT Water Brake – Rebuilt
  • Tubing Line: New 1” Swedged
  • Sand Drum: Yes
  • Sand Drum Capacity: 16,000’ / 9/16”

Work Completed:
New chains, new clutch fibers and bladder, new brake pads. WPT brake professionally rebuilt by distributor.


  • Height: 110’
  • Maximum Capacity 250,000 lbs
  • Rod Basket: Yes
  • Tubing Board: Yes
  • Cat IV Inspection Cert: Oct. 2023
  • Block: 100 Ton McKissick
  • Block Cert: Oct. 2023

New raising rams. Remanufactured scoping ram. Fresh mast and block recertifications. Crown assembly disassembled, inspected, and reassembled. Full sandblast to white metal. Recoated with expoxy primer and top coat.

All reeving cables, wind and load guys replaced with tagged new cables.


  • 2nd. Deck winch added
  • Primary deck winch rebuilt.
  • New cable and tail chain on both winches
  • Replaced hydraulic pumps
  • Increased operator and work plaƞorm heights to 23 Ō.